Artist Statement

My paintings focus on capturing and constructing memories that I am terrified of losing and creating the life I desperately want to have. They are an obsessive reminder of small moments that would be otherwise forgotten and therefore lost. Growing up and aging in general are fears of mine I try to combat through my paintings. In them I can enter a place and time where everyone remains young and beautiful and no one has to grow up, much like a very personal never never land. I paint settings and people not photo-realistically but rather in the way that I experience and recall them. My figures are life size so that when the viewer looks at them they sense that they are in the room with them, a part of their tragically vapid hipster lives. Though the subjects of my work start from photographs of my friends taking part in routine activities, in my paintings they are elevated to that of the archetype of the too cool for fun, quirkily fashionable, jaded young adults that I aspire to be one of.



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